iCF Testimonial - Chief Deputy Mike Horstman of La Crosse County Sheriff's Department

sheriff Feb 09, 2021

In this video we hear from Chief Deputy Mike Horstman and his experience over the past three years with iCrimeFighter. The iCF solution has enabled their deputies to quickly and securely upload evidence in the field to secure cloud storage, which then is available for immediate use with the records management team.

The records management team no longer has to burn CDs or DVDs to share information with the District Attorney or for open records requests.

It also makes it easy to collect digital evidence from the field. Evidence Anywhere  allows our office to collect evidence by electronically sending a link to allow the uploading of evidence into a case file saving a trip back to a scene.

The iCrimeFighter solution not only helped our Sheriff’s Office but we found other uses within the county, including: the highway department, zoning and land records information, emergency management, and even child welfare.

About us: iCrimeFighter is an evidence management tool used by over 250 Law Enforcement agencies. The iCrimeFighter Apple and Android applications allow the secure collection of photos, audio, video, and notes in the field with a secure upload to the cloud. After upload all evidence collected in the field can be seen in iCrimeFighter’s web portal on a desktop, laptop or tablet. When iCrimeFighter is deployed to a team or agency, case data can be shared among other department users. To learn more and setup a free demo please contact sales@icrimefighter.com.

Jason Macks

Jason Macks is a Customer Support Specialist for At-Scene, LLC.

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