iCrimeFighter Desktop App

These are instructions for using the new iCrimeFighter Desktop app for beta testing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our support email.

  1. Download the app from here. You can right click on that link and choose the "Save As' option in order to save the file in your preferred location.
  2. Windows will show this type of message after download. This message will be visible in the bottom right corner.

3. Click on the three dots on the right and click on "Keep".

4. You will now see a prompt like this:

5. Click on "Show More", it will bring this screen up:

6. Click on "Keep Anyway".

7. You will now go to the "Downloads" section of your Edge browser. (The process works the same for Chrome also).

8. Click on the iCrimeFighter.exe in the folder. It will bring up another warning.

9. Click on "More Info" to bring up this screen:

10. Click on "Run Anyway". This will bring up the installer. You can install it and then login to start the application.

Installation and Setup:

  1. After the installer completes, you will see the login screen like so:

2. Here provide your user name and password and sign in. Now it will ask you for the folder like so:

3. Here you should provide an empty folder from where the app will upload your case files. Before it uploads the cases and files, it will create a folder called iCrimeFighter. This will be the main folder from where the uploads will originate from. Here we have chosen D:/CaseFiles/ as the folder:

4. Click on Select Folder. You will see confirmation on the iCrimeFighter app:

5. Now click on "Next". It will show you the onboarding screens. After you review these, you can click on "Dismiss". Now the app will go into background and monitor your upload folder.

6. Now you can create a new folder within CaseFiles and those folders will create a case in iCrimeFighter with the same name. For eg., see the screenshot below, there is a folder called D-220119. This becomes a case on iCrimeFighter web as shown in the image.


iCrimeFighter online:

7. All the files added to this D-2200119 folder on your computer will be automatically uploaded to this case on iCrimeFighter. See the example below:

On the computer (within the folder):

On the web, within the case:

8. At this time, you can add images, videos, zip files, documents to upload. Any unrecognized file type will be moved into the folder called "Excluded".

9. At any time, you can tap on the iCrimeFighter icon in the taskbar to access the app to check the upload status:

10. It will show you the status as so:

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